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6' LED Lightning Cable

Same LED Lights, 6 FT of Awesome LED Lightning Cable 


Features our newly improved Lightning Connectors! Check out our LED Lightning Connector blog post for more details.

  Plug this LED Lightning Cable into your laptop or wall/car charger and check out the lights.. all 6 FT of them! This extra long LED Lightning Cable for the iPhone 5 features a strip of LED lights that run the length of the cable and into your iPhone 5. The lights stream throughout the entire cable while your iPhone or iPad is plugged in.  As your device approaches 100% battery, the stream of lights will slow down, letting you know from across the room that your device is done charging.

Choose from three color combos:

  • Black & Green
  • Black & Blue  
  • White & Blue
  • Black & Purple


  • iPhone 5 
  • iPhone 5c/s
  • iPad 4 
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod 5 and up


This is not an MFI Certified Accessory

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