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Recoil Winders

If Your Like Us, You're Going To Need A Combo Pack 

 Tangled cords are the problem and Recoil Winders are the solution. This revolutionary winder stores your headphones, earbuds and most 'iDevice' cables instantly in this tiny pocket-friendly case. You need to check out the video below and get a first hand view of how the Recoil Winder performs its task!


Recoil Winder Specs:


Small Winder 

  • The Small Winder is designed to wind headphones and earbuds without mics, most 30 pin and Lightning cables, and other small diameter cords and cables up to 60"

Medium Winder - Top Seller 

  • The Medium Winder is ideal for winding and storing headphones, USB cords, mobile chargers, the Medium Winder will wind most electronic cables up to 60" long.

Large Winder 

  • The Large Winder is perfect for most types of chargers, gaming cables, smart phone or tablet chargers, USB cords, cables and cords up to 80" in length.



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